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How to Score well in JEE Mains, NEET or ICSE, CBSE board exams.

  • The most important thing while writing any exam is ,students should not panic, calm yourself down and keep in mind that you can do it. Confidence is Key. Generally students waste their time fixating on questions which they cannot solve, thereby losing precious time for the rest of the paper. As the time passes by it creates a ripple effect affecting the student's efficiency and speed to solve the questions.

  • Schedule of the students should be managed efficiently, taking frequent breaks is important to keep the minds fresh and duration of the breaks should not exceed 20 minutes. Proper sleep is very important and should not be neglected.

  • Students tend to neglect their diet and water intake which is very important for their mental well being. Students should rest their eyes and indulge in physical activities which helps the blood flow to the brain and improves productivity.

  • Audio Visual method of learning has been proven effective. Watch videos to understand the concepts in a better way or draw diagrams.

  • Most importantly learn the concepts for yourself, you are understanding new things everyday, your knowledge is increasing every second you are studying. Be proud of that and take pleasure in learning!

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