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Orion Mentor is an Online Coaching for JEE Mains NEET provided by college students, who are willing to pass on their knowledge to students who want to clear entrance exams. We provide online tuition for Entrance examinations such as JEE Mains, NEET, NATA (Architecture) for classes 11th and 12th. Online coaching for students of class 6th-10th , Art Classes are also available. Our main focus is to build a strong foundation by providing conceptual knowledge of the topics.

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Mentor: DN Choudhry
Experience : 21 years


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How We Teach At Orion Mentor

Our online coaching set pace of the lectures according to your needs and requirements. We keep track of your progress and make the lecture interactive. Throughout the course period we take feedbacks from you and improve and modify our teaching methods. Timings here are flexible and we record our lectures in case you are unable to attend due to personal reasons. Our tutors are there for you on Call and on WhatsApp to solve your doubts. We give tips and teach you time management in your JEE Mains and NEET learnt from our own experience. Check our Plans & Pricing for JEE and NEET online coaching and Join us and experience a whole new way of competitive exam coaching at Orion Mentor.

Qualifications of Our 


Our tutors are college students who scored very well in our competitive examinations. JEE Main Paper 2 Rank - 28, 78. JEE Main Paper 1 Rank -20,000 . NEET Marks - 470. We Provide valuable information about the examination and give tips boosting your confidence with strong conceptual knowledge. Timings here are flexible and as we are students ourselves communication becomes easy. You can reach out to us with your doubts and we will help you out. Consider us as your companion who helps you to build a strong foundation needed to crack entrance examinations like JEE Main, NEET etc. We also provide Art coaching needed for Architecture and also done as a hobby.

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Students Feedback

Sanjana Reddy 

"My experience with Orion Mentor is incredible. Who can understand the problems of a student better than the  student who was in the same situation… Communication here is very easy. It's just like talking to your friend but a perfect friend who can make your dream to crack exams more easy to crack. NEET online coaching have changed my opinion on the subject It doesn't take me hours to learn a minute of work. Finally I think Orion Mentor is the path that leads the way to achieve marks I deserve."

Ridhima Minkuri

"Orion Mentor is surely one of the best online coaching I've encountered. The best part is that it is run by students who have cleared their exams, so they know the common mistakes we tend to do and also how to avoid them. And their teaching skills are also explicable. As the mentors are students just like us, makes the communication very easy. If you are looking for a more personalized kind of coaching, unlike the regular institutions you see, then JEE online coaching is really a great choice."

Himani Sakshi Vitali

"I have been attending Orion Mentor JEE online coaching for a month now and to be honest, there wasn't a class I left without understanding the topic. The mentors here are easy going, knowledgeable and the fact that they keep ensuring that you understand the topic is really heartwarming."